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The underwater is a whole world of its own with wonders to behold and great sights, mysteries, and exotic marine life to see. Have you ever had that urge to go out there and explore but were short on time to do a course? Well, now you can with Scuba Diving. It’s a quick, comprehensive, and easy introduction to the underwater world where you can sight the marvelous world of the sea, swim along with marine life, and witness the vibrant corals in Phuket.

What do we teach?

Starting with the basics, you will get to learn the best Scuba Diving techniques under the supervision of certified diving professionals. Starting from the ground up they will teach you all you need to know with the correct precautions. Some of these techniques include:
  • Learning how to breathe underwater with the best inhaling and exhaling procedures.
  • Learning the fundamentals of buoyancy, and how to use the different diving equipment and gears.
  • Take time to find out your comfort level of being underwater.
  • Understanding all of the basic safety rules and skills to help with the process and acquire the scuba diving certification with ease.

How deep will I dive?

You will be diving approximately 10 to 12 meters (39 Ft) deep. This is the ideal depth to witness colorful fish, coral reefs and other underwater marine life safely. 

Anybody who is above 10 years of age, and practices good health can Scuba Dive. It’s also not mandatory to have any special swimming abilities to have a wonderful experience.

Our Discover/Try Dive Locations

For an ultimate experience, Discover/Try Scuba Diving is recommended in places with clear visibility and a low current.

The locations that fit these requirements perfectly are the Racha Noi and Racha Yai Islands, with great visibility and tons of marine life to see and observe.

What to Expect on your Discover / Try Dive Trip with Scubadeep?

We will pick you up from your hotel at the designated time assigned by Scubadeep based on your Hotel an evening before the dive date. You’ll be taken to our Boat, the M/V Sirolo at Chalong Pier.

There you will be served a delicious breakfast, along with snacks and drinks throughout the journey. We also serve a lunch buffet with all dietary requests taken into account. If you wish to order a vegetarian meal, please contact Scubadeep’s staff when you board.

You will be briefed by your instructor regarding the use of all diving equipment, dive sites, what to expect from each dive location, and all safety-related matters.

You will journey back with us on the boat to Chalong Pier after the Scuba Diving Trip.

Please note that the Discover / Try Scuba Diving is not a certified scuba diving course.

Aimed at providing you with your first best diving experience by opening up an entirely new world to you, Scubadeep tailors all your requirements to best suit your needs.

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