Nitrox Course

3 Nitrox Tank Dives : 8900 THB

Goal: To practice staying in the water longer by utilizing enriched air nitrox successfully through training. 

One of the most popular courses with divers who want to take their diving experience to the next level. On repetitive scuba dives, it is common to experience a run out of oxygen, because of which you may have to come on the surface again and again. But by the Nitrox Certification course, you get to maintain your oxygen levels and can remain underwater longer than average.  

Learning Outcome:

The concept behind the course is to utilize air with more oxygen and low nitrogen to your advantage. It’s because this air gives a diver more time underwater and does not run out so fast.

The course is conducted during a practical session with two optional scuba dives. Where you get to learn:

  • Managing oxygen exposure successfully.
  • The ability to analyze oxygen content in your scuba tank.
  • Set your dive computer for diving with enriched air nitrox.

Equipment for the course:

Most of the modern scuba equipment and dive computers can be used with enriched air. But after analyzing your equipment the Scubadeep’s Diving Instructor will let you know if your gear meets manufacturer recommendations and local requirements.

The scuba tanks must meet oxygen service standards and be dedicated for use with enriched air. You will practice using oxygen analyzers and special cylinder decals.

All you need to know about the Nitrox Certification Course, Phuket

  • We will pick you up from your hotel at the designated time assigned by Scubadeep based on your Hotel an evening before the dive date. You’ll be taken to our Boat, the M/V Sirolo at Chalong Pier.
  • Once on the boat, you will enjoy a hearty breakfast buffet on board and we will continue to serve you snacks and drinks throughout the trip. 
  • A lunch buffet is also served with all dietary requests taken into account. If you wish to order a vegetarian meal, please contact Scubadeep’s staff once you board.
  • Next, you will be briefed by your instructor regarding the use of all diving equipment, dive sites, and what to expect from each dive location including all safety-related matters.
  • After the trip, we will drop you off at your hotel. 

What’s included in our Nitrox Certification Course, Phuket

  • All Diving materials, certification fee, and equipment. 
  • Complimentary hotel pickup and drop-off on all days to most locations.
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and refreshments on the boat.

Here’s what’s not included: 

  • The package does not include any underwater videos and pictures. But they can be requested from the diving staff on board with charges of 1000 THB per day. 
  • For certain locations, additional charges for pick and drop may apply. These include areas that are Surin onwards to Maikhao beach or the North of Phuket. 
  • Marine National Park Fees of 600 Baht for Phi Phi Islands should Phi Phi Islands be one of your Dive Trips

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