PADI ReActivate Dive

3 Dives 7500 Baht

Been out of water lately? Brush up your diving skills with us!

Feeling worn out and rusty as far as your diving skills are concerned? Don’t fret! We’re here to put you back in the groove to explore some of the best diving spots in Thailand with top-notch skills from our expert trainers.

Our new PADI ReActivate™ program helps you reactivate the diving skills that you had previously acquired through the PADI Open Water Diver course, instead of starting from the beginning. The program is aimed at polishing those skills that you were previously struggling with and helping you learn better. We believe in over-preparing for a more self-assured and lasting experience.

What does the PADI ReACTIVATE program offer?

Recollection of basics

When it comes to diving, being out of touch means forgetting some of the safety fundamentals. The program is aimed at helping you remember some of the basics such as:

  • Recalling the maximum safe ascent rate
  • Clearing your Masks
  • Out of Air Skill
  • Breathe through alternate air source and ascending with alternate air source
  • Hover Buoyancy Skills

Getting your confidence up again

PADI ReACTIVATE will ensure you’re back at your diving game by brushing up all your skills to help you regain your diving experience. The program is built in stages where the students easily progress by refining their skills through each one of them.

The PADI ReACTIVATE Course Outline 


1. The knowledge review session 

The first step is a knowledge review session where we will not only review your current standing to tailor your learning but also to refresh your diving theory. You will be given access to the following for learning; 

  • ReActivate Online (browser-based learning) 
  • ReActivate Touch (an interactive app for mobile and tablet)

2. Progress review  

This session is carried out at each person’s own learning pace. By presenting a set of realistic scenarios we judge your learning through your answers. We collect these answers from a bunch of multiple-choice questions. 

With each correct answer, you progress to the next scenario. But with the ones you get wrong, we enhance your learning by teaching and testing on similar scenarios.  

Once all scenarios are complete, you must take the ReActivate Quick Review. When you pass we will present you with a certificate confirming successful completion.

After the session your instructor will help you revise any skills that need attention.

Getting ReCertified

Once you have successfully finished, your instructor will process your PADI ReActivation through Scubadeep. You will receive a new certification card in the post with your ReActivation date on the back.


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