Scuba diving is a fun activity that exposes you to a surreal experience that can be best described as a fantasy movie directed by the legendary James Cameron.

Most people are scared of scuba diving and understandably so. However, it isn’t as scary as you may think and fear should rob you of a memorable experience.

If you have been considering it, here are some reasons why you should definitely give it a try.

●     It Is Safer Than You Think

Scuba diving is a very safe activity which is conducted with proper training and safety measures.

We understand that diving into the ocean with an oxygen tank might sound scary especially if you aren’t a big fan of water.

However, there are dive charters who offer professional training to prepare you for a safe and fun experience.

●     Satisfy Your Sense Of Adventure

If you’re a fun loving person, scuba diving should be up there on your list of fun activities. It is fun and also a form of exercise.

It allows you to explore the underwater world that is inaccessible to the majority. Hence scuba diving in Racha Islands is like exploring space as an astronaut.

●     Your First Experience Won’t Be As Scary As You Imagine

Your first dive will be conducted in a swimming pool where you will undergo scuba diving training conducted by professionals.

After getting comfortable in the swimming pool, you will then take a course to show that you understand the theoretical and practical aspect.

After this, you will then proceed for an ocean dive under the supervision of your dive instructor who will certify you as a trained scuba diver. 

●     You Won’t Be Eaten By Shark

You might have seen a couple of shark movies which have contributed to your fear of the ocean. 

The chances of getting attacked by sharks are 1 in 264 million. Sharks only attack divers who are holding a bleeding fish underwater or when they mistake them for a fish which rarely happens.

Sharks often steer clear of divers and there are Scuba dive charters who offer shark diving experience.

●     It Will Help You To Appreciate The Ocean

As humans, we get to truly appreciate something when we experience it. Scuba diving will expose you to the world of the sea where you will experience its wonder and also the dangers the human way of life poses to it.

The experience will help you to better appreciate the ocean and also make you make more conscious efforts towards its preservation.

●     It’s Not As Expensive As You Might Think

It is not a financially demanding activity which makes it a sustainable hobby. There are affordable training courses you can choose from. Scuba diving gears aren’t too expensive and you can rent tanks and BCD at an affordable price.

●     There Are Numerous Beautiful Dive Locations You Should Experience

There are several wonderful dive locations you need to experience. When you’re on vacation, diving can be one of the fun activities you can add to your itinerary.

Phuket Islands has one of the best diving locations in the world. Scuba diving in Phuket Islands will bring excitement to your holiday and give you an unforgettable experience.

Final Thoughts

Scuba diving ranks high on the list of fun and unforgettable activities you can engage in.

Either it’s a sunny Saturday, or you’re on vacation, on your honeymoon, or spending time with friends and family, scuba diving is a fun activity you should engage in.

The fear surrounding scuba diving is mostly due to lack of information. Once you undergo the training and embark on your first dive into the beautiful ocean world, you will enjoy a wonderful experience that only a fraction of the population has experienced.